About us

After RAVO’s foundation in the early 1960’s and during our fifty years of experience we have become internationally well known for our high quality products and extreme reliability, both in product as in service. Being the passionate inventor of the compact pure vacuum street sweeper RAVO keeps on developing with on-going product innovations and adaptations.

As a socially engaged family valued company with care for the environment, we contribute with providing education and to improve human well-being. Our head office  and modern production facility are both located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. With an extensive distribution network RAVO provides, with great flexibility, the highest level of service and after sales assistance.

Since 2009 RAVO is part of the FAYAT group, a family company with an international scope and a global network of autonomous subsidiaries grouped into six divisions. Together with our partners Mathieu and Scarab, we are a member of the Environforce division.

RAVO's 50 years anniversary  book, for an insight in the history of RAVO and the sweeping industry in general. 

RAVO Building, Alkmaar, The Netherlands Production area


ISO Certified