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RAVO serves multi-faceted Barcelona 

Although there are already many Ravo sweepers on the streets of Spain, it took some time before the beautiful capital city of Catalonia became a customer. The five different contractors that work for the municipality to keep the city clean have now unanimously chosen RAVO.

Barcelona is not only an important seat of business and home to universities in northern Spain but also a very popular weekend holiday destination. Including the suburbs, it is home to nearly 5 million people. So it should come as no surprise that there is an enormous spectrum of cleaning work, which allows the versatile RAVO to shine in all its glory.

Sweeping operations in the city are conducted day and night, so all the machines are equipped with the silencing package (97 dBA). As their main additional feature (multiple configurations are possible), the machines in ‘Barna’ have two Swasher arms with a 68 litre pump so they can even clean the most hard to reach places. The long uptime and rapid service were also among the deciding factors that led the megacity to purchase more than 50 units.

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