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Rome always clean thanks to RAVO

Cities never sleep, and the historic city of Rome hasn’t slept for thousands of years. The ‘city of cities’ has been an important metropolis throughout its long history, and Rome is faithful to both its history and its suppliers. RAVO machines have been sweeping the streets in Italy’s capital city for decades. 

An important reason to choose RAVO is the tremendous endurance of the 5 iSeries. After all, RAVO can offer its clients in Rome an exceptionally high uptime: 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any need for additional maintenance.

And that’s important, because the cleaning service in the Italian capital works in three shifts – they even sweep throughout the night. The most recent order from Rome consisted of the delivery of 70 machines, equipped with the Swasher option with one arm and a 15 litre pump. Thanks to this option, the machine can even spray streets clean in areas that are difficult for sweepers to reach.

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