Environmental policy


As an organisation with the goal to create a clean living and working environment for everyone, RAVO has a code of conduct concerning her activities and products and their environmental effects, and takes into account environmental issues and risks. This code of conduct is described in this policy statement which is part of the company policy. 

The environmental policy of RAVO concerns the complete organisation and her products. Besides this, RAVO strives for the same environmental policy at her dealers and suppliers. This policy has been made available for third parties by the internet site. 

General Principals 

RAVO is aware that her products and the production process as well as the necessary marketing activities, may have a direct impact on the environment and that a considered (re)use of natural sources may decrease the impact on the environment.

RAVO will fully comply with to the environmental laws and regulation.  

Environmental policy 

  • Within the norm of what is economical feasible, RAVO will maintain the highest technical standards to avoid or limit  possible environmental damage.
  • Damageable environmental effects will be researched immediately to avoid or minimalize these effects.
  • RAVO supports the principals of sustainable production.
  • RAVO encourages her suppliers to have the same attitude towards the environment. Complying with environmental demands is also part of the suppliers selection process, RAVO checks if suppliers meet the environmental laws and regulations.
  • RAVO supports environmental awareness towards her employees
  • RAVO has started the project “Lean Manufacturing”. This philosophy could best be described as doing more with less. The aim is to remove all unnecessary actions during the working process. This has a positive influence on the use of environmentally harmful materials and the energy consumption. 

Specific Subjects 


To comply the environmental demands, RAVO does not limit herself to only the production. With the development of new products, RAVO is taking the lead in her segment and takes the environment into account. Examples are EURO 6 motors, dust emission (PM 10 certified), silent sweepers, CNG driven sweepers and water recirculation systems.


RAVO wants to decrease her general energy consumption by applying the best available technology, keeping in mind cost efficiency.

Commuter traffic 

RAVO aims at both customer friendliness as well as on decreasing mobility load. This means that:

  • For commuter traffic RAVO promotes public transfer and bicycle use. Home working is possible for office personnel. 
  • The use of conference calls is highly supported. 

Use of paper

RAVO pays systematic attention to the use of paper-saving procedures and devices. Within a mid-long term RAVO strives to be a paperless organisation.


RAVO will limit the environmental impact of waste by optimizing the waste collection. 

Continuous improvements

At RAVO safety & health inspects are regularly being held. Besides the working conditions policy, the environment is also an important part of these inspects. The results of these inspects are added on the list of actions of which follow up is monitored.

Environmental policy