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08|04 Proud winner of the "IJzersterk (strong as iron) company award 2015"

We are proud to inform you that we received the “ijzersterk (strong as iron)” award 2015 in the category “large production & service company”. To receive this award you have to stand out in creating a safe and healthy working environment.

At RAVO we are constantly working on improvement and development. Not only for our products & service but also for the wellbeing of our employees. Last year we started with a project for our production employees: “Join the sustainable workforce”. Since people have to work longer we are looking for ways to improve the sustainability of the aging workforce .

Examples of how we do this are circulation in work stations, safety instructions and creating a good health awareness. Our efforts have not been unnoticed, the results we received with this project caught the eye of the foundation 5 times better, founded by 5 Dutch trade unions to encourage safe and healthy working environments and resulted in winning this award.

Ijzersterk-Strong as Iron