RAVO Building

17|06 Roadshow 5xbeter visits RAVO

From June 15 to June 19 the foundation 5xbeter organises the 6th Week of “Safe and Healthy working”  for the metal industry in the Netherlands. During this week several companies in the metal industry were visited by the roadshow which started at DAF Trucks. On June 17 the Roadshow made a stop at RAVO to create awareness for the importance of wearing hearing protection. In the special 5xbeter truck workshops were held for our employees and neighbour companies of RAVO who are active in the metal industry as well. Besides the roadshow other activities are organised throughout the country and thousands of employees and companies are participating in this week and give extra attention to safe and healthy working.  The week will end with the yearly congress which is dedicated to harmful sound.  5xbeter is founded by 5 Dutch trade unions to encourage safe and healthy work environments.

Roadshow at RAVO