Service & Wear Kits

We do our Part!

Advantages of RAVO service & wear kits

  • No search and collection for individual parts
  • Inclusive comprehensive instruction manual
  • Parts are additionally protected on the shelf
  • Always a small surprise inside

We fully understand that reliability and availability are crucial criteria on the job. Using RAVO Wear Parts and Service Kits containing genuine parts ensures continued availability of your RAVO sweeping equipment at low costs.
Our long term experience in the market has helped us understand what the owner of a RAVO requires to keep the maintenance of a machine fast, easy and at a low cost. Based on the same experience we have composed Kits which are excellent to use with the regular machine maintenance schedule.

Regular Servicing schedule RAVO 5 iSeries with Tier3 and EU6 diesel engine


Note: This schedule applies to machines with usage under normal circumstances, like city centers. For heavy duty usage please consult the table in the service manual.

When using the machine in the sweeping mode the parts in the suction line of the machine wear at a faster rate. RAVO wear kits contain the exact parts which need regular replacement to maintain the best cleaning result.

Indicative wear and replacement of suction line parts on a RAVO 5 iSeries.


There are 2 types of Wear Parts Kits which both contain all of the wearing parts listed above. The easy mount wear kit includes all mounting brackets which enable you to make the replacement job even faster.