For operators


The compact 5 iSeries sweeper is not only an eye pleaser, it also offers a bonus in terms of performance. Although its appearance is elegant, the RAVO 5 iSeries has naturally been built to work rapidly and efficiently. That brings us to its exceptional qualities, which will appeal to its operators:

Easy drive

The ergonomically designed cab looks a bit like a cockpit. The large, 180 degrees panoramic front windscreen with all-round tinted glass provides an optimal view from the cab, an important aspect for traffic safety. Naturally, the front windscreen is made of reinforced safety glass. A sliding window in both doors is standard. Independent suspension all-round, plus an exceptionally comfortable operator’s seat, ensures maximum deployment of man and machine. The noise level has been reduced to such an unprecedented low level, that you can enjoy your music without any disturbance

Working space

A lot of attention has been paid to the internal 'working climate'. The outside air suction device has a built-in dust filter. Air-conditioning is standard and climate control is an option. The dashboard of the RAVO 5 iSeries is clearly laid out. The sweeper is easy to operate by means of a joystick. The low, flat floor is free of obstacles.


Due to its compact dimensions the RAVO 5 iSeries is a maneuverable all-rounder. Thanks to a front wheel swing, weaving and turning are absolutely no problem. Good visibility and the small turning circle enables the sweeper to maneuver easily in the city traffic. Of course, this immediately results in more efficient sweeping.