For every job you may need different equipment. Therefore, we have developed a large range of optional equipment to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job.

  • Container dump: Dumping height of 155 CM / 5 Ft. to dump in containers
  • Water recycling: Double your action radius and reduce dust emission at the same time
  • Wanderhose: Suck up leaves, empty gullies, empty waste bins, etc.
  • Third brush/weed cutter: For effective cleaning of gutters and removal of weeds
  • Silent package: Reduces the noise level with 15%
  • Pressurized cabin: For work in special environments
  • Heavy duty package: Equip your sweeper with a coated suction line to work under the heaviest conditions
  • Washer installation: Sweeping and washing the road and pavements in one go. Various configurations in terms of waterpressure, pumps, etc. are available.
Options Swasher Option washer installation Wanderhose 2 Container Dump Wanderhose Silent-package Third Brush-Weedcutter