Training institute

To ensure that our RAVO sweepers are used in to most efficient way by our dealers and their customers we have introduced the RAVO ACADEMY training institute.

High quality

The RAVO Academy  training institute is a high quality training facility near the RAVO factory in Alkmaar.


Professional  RAVO trainers educate our dealers’ mechanics to maintain the RAVO sweeper in the most optimal way. Dealers are also taught to educate their customers how to operate the RAVO sweeper as efficient as possible.

Our training institute is equipped with the latest educational tools to provide you with the perfect training. We have  several RAVO sweepers for instructional use, a practical training area and an interactive theoretical classroom.

On the spot!

The RAVO Academy has also the possibility to organize a training on location, at our dealer or in cooperation with our dealer at the RAVO user.


Contact your local dealer for more information.

Certified top level training