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Assen and Rotterdam take on electric sweeping

Assen and Rotterdam take on electric sweeping

Half of the world's population currently lives in an urban environment. And this percentage is rapidly increasing. This urbanization has far-reaching consequences for the way we will live and work in the cities of the future. As a result, local governments are increasingly challenged to look for sustainable solutions to reduce noise and environmental pollution in order to keep cities liveable. Just like Assen and Rotterdam, which are the first municipalities in The Netherlands that have chosen for the fully electric, extremely quiet, 100% emission free RAVO 5 eSeries sweeper.

“Our ultimate goal is to have CO2 neutral fleet in 2030”, says Joep Kwak from the municipality of Assen. And also Rotterdam is working on a CO2 neutral fleet in 2030, and runs pilots with battery electric and hydrogen vehicles for a couple of years now.

ravo 5 eseries electric street sweeper silent sustainable solution city sanitation


With the RAVO 5 eSeries you are not only choosing the most sustainable solution for keeping your urban environment clean, but also the highest quality and reliability, based on proven technology, derived from years of experience in the sweeper world. The RAVO 5 eSeries offers the expected sweeping performance, a powerful suction system, as well as a high load capacity and range.

“We see many benefits when it comes to electric sweeping”, says Barry Vermaat, Account Manager Special Vehicles of the municipality of Rotterdam. “There is no diesel engine, which makes the machine quieter and emission free. We expect that the sweeper requires less maintenance and the maintenance we do have will be less polluting. These are all benefits that contribute to a better environment and are noticeable for the citizen.” Kwak adds: “The RAVO 5 eSeries meets our (strict) demands and can effortlessly participate in our daily planning. Besides that, the electric sweeper saves the driver a lot of noise.”

The future
A green, healthy city with clean air for everyone, making it even more attractive and healthy for citizens and companies, that is the aim of the municipalities of today. Together we care for a cleaner and healthier future.


Interested in more information or would you like to request a demo? Get in touch with your local RAVO dealer.

ravo 5 eseries electric street sweeper silent sustainable solution city sanitation


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