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Increase lifetime and lower costs with easy RAVO maintenance

Increase lifetime and lower costs with easy RAVO maintenance

Proper maintenance of your sweeper ensures a more reliable machine with lower costs and a higher lifetime. The RAVO 5 iSeries is very easy to maintain. The sweeper only has 15 greasing points on the whole machine, which are all easily accessible. In this way, the RAVO sweeper always creates a healthy and safe environment in a sustainable manner.

Not only the greasing points are part of the easy maintenance procedure but also the following features increase the lifetime of the machine and keep the costs to a minimum:

• RAVO’s unique maintenance friendly brush system

• Fan cleaner

• Two big service doors for easy access

• Easy changeable brushes

• Optional electrical lowerable grid inside the hopper

• Optional high-pressure water pump

• Long lasting water spray nozzles

This is how RAVO contributes to a healthier and safer environment, all in a sustainable way. Contact your local RAVO dealer for more information!

Easily Accessible Greasing Points of the RAVO 5 iSeries

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