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The RAVO 5 eSeries charging options

The RAVO 5 eSeries charging options

Frequently using a fully electric sweeper means you need to charge the machine on a daily basis. The RAVO 5 eSeries offers 3 ways to charge the battery:

The first two Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) plugs are standard, and these charge the battery via an internal charger at a maximum of 22 kW/h. With this charging method a full charge takes less than 4.5 hours, after the machine is fully ready for use again. An advantage of this system is that the machine can also be charged for a shorter period of time without any negative impact on the life of the battery.

Quick charging option

If you want to have a fully charged battery again in no time. You can choose to use the 50 kW/h quick charge option. Using this external charger means a fully recharged battery in about two hours.


Please click here for more information about the RAVO 5 eSeries or get in touch with your local dealer.


100% performance, 100% electric, 0% emission.


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