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The RAVO 5 eSeries features a reliable and intelligent battery

The RAVO 5 eSeries features a reliable, intelligent battery

Besides the expected sweeping performance, a powerful suction system and high load capacity, the fully electric RAVO 5 eSeries sweeper also features an extremely reliable battery with an intelligent Battery Management System.

The RAVO 5 eSeries has a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. This battery type has several major advantages. It has the highest quality battery cells and the safest technology available today. It also constantly delivers the desired power and retains a high capacity for a very long time, even after many cycles.


Battery Management System

The high-tech battery package consists of a large number of individual battery cells that are monitored and controlled by an intelligent Battery Management System. This smart system ensures that the individual cells are properly charged and discharged, ensuring long battery life and optimum performance. As such, you can always rely on the RAVO 5 eSeries to deliver the desired result.

Learn more about the fully electric RAVO 5 eSeries sweeper and watch the video below!


Please click here for more information about the RAVO 5 eSeries or get in touch with your RAVO local dealer.

100% performance, 100% electric, 0% emission.

RAVO eSeries Specs video

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