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The RAVO Hygion removes fine dust particles from the air

The RAVO Hygion removes fine dust particles from the air

All around our planet people are working on a more sustainable society. Cities play an important role in this process. Most cities are already creating a more healthy and pleasant environment for their citizens to live in. City sanitation has an important role in keeping the city environment healthy and clean.

Next to the introduction of our sustainable electric RAVO this summer we also offer the RAVO Hygion to commit to our vision, Caring for a clean future. Using the latest technology this machine removes pollution from the air. The RAVO Hygion is equipped with the newly developed Saiga particle system. This patented system removes fine dust particles from the air flow in the machine.


The RAVO Hygion brings you clean air, is easy and safe for operators and unlike conventional systems, it doesn't affect the sweeping performance. With the RAVO Hygion we make another contribution to cleaner and healthier cities.


Please visit the official Hygion website or contact your local dealer for more information.

How does it work?

RAVO Hygion

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