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RAVO's water recycling system cares for a clean future

RAVO's water recycling system cares for a clean future

Sustainability is central to all activities of development, production and service within RAVO. Controlling and, where possible, reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances, the use of green energy, water, fuels and the production of as little waste as possible is a permanent aim.

Water recycling

This also applies to the RAVO sweeper itself. For example, by means of an ingenious built-in water recycling system. With this option the water is reused so the machine can sweep longer. During sweeping, the water is circulated from the hopper to the suction nozzle and back again. This results in more efficient use of the water during sweeping, as now fresh water is only needed for the nozzles near the brushes. This prevents unnecessary waste of (drinking) water. Another positive effect of the water recycling option is the reduction of dust coming out of the hopper.


The water recyling option is available on the RAVO 5 eSeries (electric) and RAVO 5 iSeries (diesel). Contact your local dealer for more information.

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