COMING SOON: fully electrical 5 eSeries

COMING SOON: fully electrical 5 eSeries

After an initial proof of concept at IFAT 2018 and full-scale test runs in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Haarlem, RAVO is now running extensive practical trails on a prototype of its latest development: the RAVO 5 eSeries, the first fully electric compact mid-size street sweeper on the market. All that testing is crucial: the first models are scheduled to put into production in 2020.

This new sweeper is in keeping with the unstoppable trend toward more environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible operations. The electric 5 eSeries is super silent, which improves the quality of daily life for the urban population and is 100% emission free to keep the air cleaner in city centres and residential areas.


RAVO has taken the step to develop an electric sweeper very consciously. The company's vision of its social and sustainability role in the urban environment drove the development of an electric sweeper, and demand from the market accelerated that process even further.

More information

  • Leaflet RAVO 5 eSeries (pdf, 320.14 KB)

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