Mr. RAVO of Denmark has retired

Mr. RAVO of Denmark has retired

After 34.000 working hours in three different RAVO sweepers Arne Kynde (73), also known as "Mr. RAVO of Denmark", has retired. During his long-term employment at NCC, Kynde has been an enthusiastic driver of RAVO sweepers and carried out many major and minor changes to improve the machine. "I have started my own beer brewery."

What do you love most about a RAVO sweeper?

"The primary strengths of the RAVO machine are its great agility and flexibility, which means that I can solve all sweeping tasks. No matter the circumstances."

What is your best memory about working with a RAVO sweeper?

"One of the first times I got the job to sweep after one of our many asphalt milling machines at NCC. It was inside a warehouse between some rows where there was only 5 cm space on each side. Back then, it was always our truck mounted sweepers that swept after the milling machines, so the laughed a little at me and the RAVO. They didn't think I could do the job, but we solved the task to their full satisfaction. On the other hand, there is now great demand for RAVO sweepers after our milling machines. I have impressed many people with the sweeper."

What are you going to do now?

"I have started my own beer brewery called LinĂ¥ Brewery, but I still think a lot about RAVO and how I can develop the machine. As well as I've always experimented with my RAVO to improve his performance, I also experiment with brewing beer. However, my experiments just cost me 47 litres of beer which I had to pour into the sewer. Maybe I'm still a better RAVO driver than a brew master!"

  • Arne Kynde, also know as Mr. RAVO of Denmark, with his number one sweeper.

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