Our contribution towards COVID-19 Coronavirus

Our contribution towards COVID-19 Coronavirus

From shopping carts to electric scooters, urban living is all about sharing things and with that comes swapping germs. Normally this is part of daily life but in times like these it should be avoided. However, this is not completely possible and to minimize the risk, FAYAT has a solution to do so: The Swasher.

At a time of growing fear around the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, even the most basic interactions of urban life suddenly feel like a high-stakes gamble: Holding on to a subway strap, a doorknob at the co-working space, an e-scooter handlebar, or a train seat means swapping germs with other people. Even if you’re young, healthy and not as susceptible to COVID-19, the risk of carrying the infection to more vulnerable people is always a risk.

Desinfect streets

Taking care of the well-being of our citizens by cleaning the streets and urban spaces we live in is our mission. The FAYAT Swasher allows cities to sweep and wash spaces in one go but this option can also be used to disinfect streets and street furniture. This is already happening in France, Spain and Italy for example.

Our Swasher consists out of a high pressure spray bar in front and one or two spray guns mounted on top of the hopper which can be used to spray, clean and disinfect the streets and street furniture.

Ask your local dealer for more information and how this machine could also help your city to reach a new level of sanitation.

  • The Swasher working the streets of Milan, contributing to cleaner and safer streets whilst fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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