The FAYAT Swasher: fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus

The FAYAT Swasher: fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus

The world is going through difficult times right now battling the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Things that are normal in our daily lives, like shaking hands or holding a shopping cart, a subway strap or a doorknob, are posing a threat and should be avoided. 


To hold back the spread of bacteria we have the FAYAT Swasher. The FAYAT Swasher can spray and disinfect together with sweeping in just one go. The pressurized Swasher allows sweeping crews to clean the most difficult places to reach, street furniture and traffic signs. Various configurations in terms of water pressure, water tanks and pumps are available. 

Ask your local dealer for more information and how this machine could also help your city to reach a new level of sanitation 

  • The FAYAT Swasher fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus in Milan.

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