Remove weeds in an environmentally friendly way

Remove weeds in an environmentally friendly way

Guarantee public areas to be free from weed without using chemicals that are dangerous for people with the RAVO third weed cutter brush. This third weed cutter brush is a powerful extra brush mounted in front of the RAVO 5 iSeries sweeper. It enables operators to remove weeds from pavements and road gutters in an environmentally friendly way and ensuring a safe and clean environment for the city population.

The third weed cutter brush makes the RAVO 5 iSeries extremely versatile. It increases the sweeping width of the machine up to 3200 mm and the maximum reach from the front bumper up to 1960 mm. Thereby, when sweeping with the third weed cutter brush is not always necessary, the quick release system should be considered. This option includes a rack to store the third brush and the mounting (or de-mounting) on the machine only takes a couple of minutes.

Comfortable place

Get rid of weeds without using chemicals and make the city a more comfortable place to live in with a third weed cutter brush on your RAVO 5 iSeries! Watch the video below and see what the machine is capable of. 

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The Weed Cutting Brush in Action

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