R2w in operation.


Dedicated street washing solution for a cleaner environment.

Street Washing for a Cleaner Environment

The R2w has a new, large stainless steel water tank to work peacefully. The washing power of this machine is demonstrated by its 80 litres/60 bar pump, which is capable of adapting to any extreme conditions.


Machine Features:

  • Washing Bar. The washing bar, movable from left to right hydraulically lifted, and equipped with two side jets, provides a working range of 1400 mm to 3300 mm.
  • Wash Controls. All the wash controls are grouped on a control box to provide great comfort and ease of use to the operator. The green "Start and Wash" button allows a quick start of the wash mode. A function on the joystick allows the operator to have full control over the water supply to the spray bar.
  • 360 Washing Boom. A 360 washing boom, positioned on the tank, allows the R2w to adapt to all working conditions, even in inaccessible areas. The boom can be connected to the main pump or a high-pressure pump of 200 bar for targeted striping functions.
  • Articulated Automated Reel. An articulated automatic reel of 15m is attached to the rear of the body to offer wider coverage.

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