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Welcome to RAVO

With a pioneering past in the industry, RAVO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, time-tested road sweeping solutions in the sub-compact, compact and maxi-compact categories. At RAVO, we understand the unique needs of American municipalities and businesses. Our sweepers are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency to keep your streets spotless.

Let's Get to Work!

Sustainable solutions that keep the road ahead cleaner and greener.

RAVO’s cutting-edge product range features sub-compact, compact, and maxi-compact solutions – each designed to meet the demands of any sweeping or cleaning application. 


Dealer Network

Our machines are powerful, and so are our partnerships. 

Interested in bringing a RAVO machine to your area? RAVO has a strong presence in the United States. 

Find your nearest trusted dealer. 

RAVO in Numbers

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    170+ €170+ Million Turnover
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    400+ 400+ Employees Worldwide
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    150+ 150+ Years of Combined Experience
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    50+ Presence in 50+ Countries