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Industry-Leading Road Sweeper Manufacturer

A Global Leader A complete range of products and services for municipal and contractor sweeping applications.

RAVO is a global leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge road sweeping and cleaning solutions that prioritise exceptional results and operator experience. With three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities stationed around Europe and a team of over 600 expert employees, RAVO has a steeped history in delivering innovative solutions to our customers around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

RAVO understands that we must work hard to support our partners, customers and communities to aid the transition to cleaner, healthier spaces. 

Sunrise and clean streets in London.
The history of RAVO.

Our History

With a history spanning back to 1923, our products and services have been at the forefront of the sweeping industry for over a century! Discover more about the RAVO story so far…

RAVO in front of a building.

Part of the FAYAT Group

The FAYAT Group

Founded in 1957, FAYAT is a major construction and industrial company structured in 7 fields of activity: Civil Works, Foundations, Building, Energy & Services, Metal, Pressure Vessels & Road Equipment. FAYAT Group represents 205 independent subsidiaries set up in 170 countries, with 21,505 employees worldwide.

FAYAT Road Equipment Division

RAVO is part of the FAYAT Road Equipment Division and we are proud to work with our sister companies to deliver solutions for the full road construction life cycle. We are committed to a clean future through continuous investment into the production of innovative road cleansing solutions.