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The first and consistently the best. The RAVO R5e is an electric sweeping pioneer.

With powerful all-electric performance and exceptional manoeuvrability, the R5e is the ideal sweeping solution in a range of urban environments.

  • Enhanced Autonomy: Increased efficiency with the R5e's enhanced autonomy, ensuring you can sweep longer on one battery charge.
  • Extended Work Range: With a longer work range, the R5e empowers you to cover more ground and tackle larger areas with ease.
  • Unmatched Battery Life: Experience the longest battery life in the industry, providing reliable power. Charging cycle after charging cycle.
  • Industry-Leading Battery Warranty: Rest assured with the industry-leading battery warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in your investment.
  • Cutting-Edge Battery Technology: Equipped with the safest battery technology available, the R5e prioritizes safety while delivering powerful performance.
  • Superior Water Capacity (optional): Say goodbye to frequent refills! The R5e boasts the largest water capacity available, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning operations for maximum efficiency.

Trusted RAVO Performance

The R5e combines all of the performance benefits of the RAVO R5 with reliable, innovative electric technology to offer the sweeping performance they expect plus low noise, optimised energy usage, exceptional battery management and fast charging capabilities.


100% Electric Performance

The fully electric R5e doesnt rely on an internal combustion engine for propulsion meaning that customers achieve the performance they expect from their RAVO sweeper, without emitting CO2 or Nitrogen Oxides into the environment.

Quiet Performance

Electric power means exceptionally low noise levels. At an industry-low 93 dB outside the cabin, the R5e makes early-morning and late-night shifts viable. Inside the cabin, exceptional soundproofing technology means low noise levels for operators, with maximum levels of no more than 61 dB.

Regenerative Braking

When the accelerator pedal is released, the brakes engage and the electric motor functions as an alternator the power that this generates is used to charge the battery. The regenerative braking system increases the efficiency of the sweeper, extends operating time and results in lower running costs.

Reduced Downtime

The R5e doesnt have an engine to service and relies on less hydraulic parts and hoses than a diesel version, resulting in considerable savings in maintenance costs.

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RAVO R5, R5e Brochure (6.17 MB)

V3, April 2024