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Agile, flexible and designed to perform in the city.

Built to work hard in the heart of the city, RAVO’s R1 sub-compact sweeper combines powerful performance with exceptional maneuverability to reach areas inaccessible to others. Key features include:

  • Automatic brush and water start/stop system, as standard.
  • Dynamic braking system.
  • Four-wheel drive system that offers excellent climbing ability.
  • Oscillating suspension on each wheel. 
  • A wide range of accessories and options. 
The RAVO R1 sub-compact sweeper.
The RAVO R1 sweeping in London.
3 Work Modes With the environment in mind

The R1 has three preset modes: Standard, EcoMode and BoostMode. Using EcoMode allows the operator to save up to 50% in fuel, reduces noise pollution and preserves the life of your sweeper.


  • Agile in every environment. An articulated cabin and compact design makes it easier to clean in tight spaces. Its inner turning radius is only 735 cm.
  • Operator-focused driving experience. The R1’s cabin is the most spacious in its category and has been designed to empower the operator.
RAVO R1 brushes in operation.
RAVO R1 sweeping around street furniture in Battersea, London.

For a Cleaner Environment


A reduction in clean water consumption thanks to its recirculation system.

Particulate Emissions

Low particulate emissions - 4 stars in the EUnited PM2.5/10 test.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications - guaranteeing that our manufacturing process takes the environment into account


High end-of-life recyclability.

Our machines are powerful and so our are partnerships. Find your local RAVO distributor by visiting our Dealer Network:


RAVO R1, R2, E2 Brochure (3.12 MB)

V3, April 2024