The first Mathieu street sweeper.

Our History

With a history spanning back to 1923, our products and services have been at the forefront of the sweeping industry for over a century.

1923 The first Mathieu street sweeper.

Creation of Mathieu, France

Founded by Raymond Mathieu in Toul, the company specialized in the construction of cleaning equipment - including the compact street sweeper.
1950 The Mathieu Mistral Sweeper

Launch of the Mistral Sweeper

Created by Mathieu, one of the industry's very first street sweepers hits the market.
1964 RAVO is created in 1964.

Creation of RAVO, The Netherlands

Karel van Raaij joins ILPERA (soon to become RAVO), a manufacturer in specialist cleaning vehicles.
1979 The first compact street sweeper from Mathieu.

First Compact Street Sweeper

Mathieu launches the first compact street sweeper, specialized in urban cleaning.
1980 RAVO sweeper in Asia.

Major RAVO Successes

Major worldwide successes from Japan to the USA, from Latin America to Australia.
1993 RAVO is bought by Federal Signal in 1993.

RAVO Bought by Federal Signal

RAVO is bought by Federal Signal to grow market share in the USA.
1999 Mathieu joins the Fayat Group in 1999

Mathieu Joins the FAYAT Group

Mathieu joins the FAYAT Group, the first family-founded French industrial group.
2003 Introduction of the 5 Series

Introduction of the 5 Series

Introduction of the 5 Series, the world's most sold sweeper today with over 10,000 units sold.
2009 RAVO becomes part of the FAYAT Group.

RAVO Joins the FAYAT Group

RAVO becomes part of the FAYAT Group
2010 3D and Mathieu join forces for the distribution of sweepers in France.

Mathieu Merger with 3D

Merger of the Mathieu and 3D companies to enhance the distribution of sub-compact, compact, mid-size and truck-mounted sweepers in France.
2010 A new era for RAVO.

A New Era of Growth

A new era of growth for RAVO: double-digit production growth and expansion seen worldwide.
2014 100th machine sold into North America.

50 Years of RAVO

50 year anniversary of RAVO and the sale of the 100th RAVO machine in North America.
2018 Mathieu MC210 sweeper working on the streets of Paris.

Mathieu Sweepers in Paris

Over 220 machines operating in the City of Paris, France.
2019 A new RAVO Factory

New RAVO Factory & Parts Warehouse

A new Factory facility and Parts Warehouse is opened at RAVO, and the 500th RAVO machine is sold into North America.
2019 2020-History - Eseries.png

RAVO eSeries - the first 100% electric maxi-compact sweeper

RAVO introduces the first 100% electric maxi-compact sweeper into the market.
2023 100 years of Mathieu.

100 Years of Mathieu

Mathieu celebrates it's 100th anniversary.
2023 E2 and its operator washing a bench, using high pressure hand lance.

Launch of E2

The new generation of compact road sweepers is born. The all-electric E2 sweeper is launched to the market.
2024 2024-History-60yrs.png

60 years young – 60 years strong

RAVO is celebrates its birthday. A sweeping success for 60 years.
Looking forward to serving our customers for the next 60.