RAVO R2 sweeping in Battersea Park, London


Setting the standard in urban cleanliness.

Class-leading suction and sweeping performance combine with exceptional comfort and agility – the R2 excels in any urban environment.

  • Unrivalled suction performance in the 2m3 segment. A dedicated hydraulic system, reinforced extra-large suction mouth and a large, direct suction pipe ensure the R2 sets the standard of vacuum performance.
  • Patented push/pull sweeping system. Clean the most difficult-to-reach areas with a unique brush deployment, reaching up to 2450 mm (or up to 2900 mm with third brush option).
  • Agile in the city. 4- and 2-wheel steering, with a patented auto-steer system, and short overhang helps the operator sweep in tight spaces.
RAVO R2 studio photo.


Our engine options deliver powerful low-speed performance, while keeping the environment in mind.

  • Kubota V3800 Stage V / Tier 4 
  • VM R754 Euro 6 Step D
  • Kubota Stage IIIA 
  • Kubota WG 3800 Essence Stage V 
  • Kubota Essence Stage V Éthanol
RAVO R2 sweeping in Battersea Park, London

A Flexible Range of Front Tools

    The Third Brush tool on the RAVO R2 sweeper.
    Third Brush The R2’s third brush option extends sweep coverage to an impressive 2900 mm. It is also perfect for weed ripping applications, without the need to use harmful chemicals.
    R2 high pressure spray bar.
    Spray Bar For dedicated street washing, the front spray bar attachment delivers exceptional coverage for in-depth cleaning of the road surface.
    R2 fitted with the front scrubbing deck announcement.
    Scrub Deck A dedicated scrubbing head, with three powerful brushes and an integrated detergent tank, is perfect for renovating any type of road surface.
    R2 fitted with snow brush attachment
    Winter Tools The R2 offers a number of flexible front tools to help customers tackle winter maintenance including a snow brush, snow blade and gritting unit.
    RAVO R2 sweeping around street furniture.

    For a Cleaner Environment


    A reduction in clean water consumption thanks to its recirculation system.

    Particulate Emissions

    Low particulate emissions - 4 stars in the EUnited PM2.5/10 test.


    ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications - guaranteeing that our manufacturing process takes the environment into account


    High end-of-life recyclability.

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    RAVO R1, R2, E2 Brochure (3.12 MB)

    V3, April 2024