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About us

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About us

RAVO is the largest developer and producer of compact mid-size sweepers in Europe. The organization was founded in 1964 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, where our head office and modern production facility are still located. RAVO’s strength lies in extensive pioneering experience and the combination of solid, proven technology with intelligent innovation and strong cooperation with customers. In this way, the company contributes to a cleaner environment, improvement of public health and the wellbeing of people in urban areas with its sweeping machines.
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RAVO represents outstanding quality, fantastic reliability and sustainability. The company serves organizations that improve public wellbeing by protecting people, property and the environment. RAVO listens to its customers and imagines ways to help them address emerging needs. This is made possible by drawing on the talent and dedication of its employees and by acting as a good global citizen.

As an organization whose goal is to create a clean living and working environment for everyone, RAVO has a code of conduct for its activities and products and their impact, considering environmental issues and risks. This environmental policy covers the whole organization and all our products. Further, RAVO is working to implement the same environmental standard for our dealers and suppliers.
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Since 2009, RAVO has been part of the Fayat Group, a French family business with a network of over 205 autonomous companies structured in seven divisions: building and public works, steelworks, electricity, electronics and IT, road equipment, material handling, and hoisting equipment and pressure vessels. RAVO is part of the road equipment division and since 2017 has been part of a business unit together with street sweeper manufacturers Mathieu and Scarab called Fayat Environmental Solutions. By joining forces, we offer a wide range of street sweepers in the sub-compact, compact, compact mid-size and truck-mounted sectors.